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How to start my routine using Power Jelq, Pump, Jes and clamp


He was feeling lucky? (:

Before: I'd like to show you something I'm very proud of, but you'll have to move real close.

After: I\'d like to show you something I\'m very proud of, but you guys in the front row will have to stand back.

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HI MY Folk’s,

The post office delivered my cable clamp right now!I will do my first clamp session at night.I really confess you that I’m too anxious about it!

See you!

Hi moderators,

I know that I don´t have the privilege yet to post my pics in the Member Pics. Also according Ike suggestion, I tried to post my pics over here and them to request you to move for the right place but I didn´t get it. Can you please give me another suggestion?.

Thansks in advance,

Hugs from the brazilian amazon rain forest

Hi all,

Just to keep you posted that I’m doing my work out from Monday to Friday, visualizing an nice results fallowing the steps:

- 5 min of warm up (infusion on an hot battle);
- 30 Uli’s;
- 250 jelqs with Power Jelq device;
- 3 set’s of clamp (3 x 10 min);
- Massage around the penis with any lube;

So, I’ve noticed a nice view getting in flacid stage. So, When I got my first Clamp session, I got a visible discoloration in the glans but since that time I started a massage after each clamp session and no discoloration was noticed anymore :)
So, the sensation of after clamp session is amazing!great experience!

Any comment’s about my last post?Please!

Hi Guys, I’m still waiting for your kind replay abort my last post!

Thank you!

Any progress paulo?

Walk slowly but never backwards.

Hi all,

I’m in Dallas FW during the whole week?anyone near the neighborhood?


Paulo from Brazil

Hi Friends,

I had been over 1 month on clamp session and it really work’s .I made a comparison and I noticed a difference between my average. Also I got my new webcam and now I can have some pictures or a short video.

Thank you for your visiting in here and please suggestion for PE is very welcome.


Paulo from Amazon Jungle, Brazil


I would like to know how can I post my pictures over here in the PE forum?because I wish and need to have the feedback from you guys in order to find a better way for improvement. Please, can you help me?Do I already have the privilege enough?.

Thanks in advance!

Paulo Brazil


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