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How to skin stretch

How to skin stretch

I tried using the search function.but I couldn’t really find anything. I’m not talking about manual stretching of the penis by pulling an inch below the glans. That is for ligament and tunica stretching. I want to stretch my foreskin so that my new length will grow into it alright. I am circumsized so I’m a little worried that I will get a turkey neck if I only do manual stretching.

Do I do skin stretches when I’m hard or soft? Also where on the shaft do I do it? I figured one way to do it without turkey necking is to pull on the skin on the upper part of my shaft when erect, while simultaneously holding the penis and the skin tight somewhere below so that I do not pull up the skin from my scrotum. I do feel a burn, but I don’t know if this is a good idea.

How often do I do them? How much should I do them before manual stretches? Is it pointless for me to do manual stretches until I stretch my foreskin?

But I thought that when manual stretching you’re supposed to push some of the skin back so that you aren’t pulling the skin, but the shaft behind the glans.

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