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how to say away from injuries??

how to say away from injuries??

hi i know I’m just starting PE but I’ve reserching the injuries section ( a man has to be prepared right? ) and got a little shocked!! especially about the trombose veins?? thats way scary.. i just wanted to know how can we stay away from that . I’m doing the newbie routine and i do more time that the one they indicate , I’m taking it nice and slow . By the way , how much time should i stick with newbie routine? thanks a lot…

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So - in answer basically just take it slow. Don’t do any intense internal pressure exercises like ulis or horse440s or erect bending or extreme jelqs.

Never jelq directly before hanging.

If you take it easy everything will be fine - its only when you start to think you can do anything and jump in too gung ho and too early with the more advanced exercises that you end up injuring yourself.

NB if you do injure yourself give it plenty of time to heal, getting back to it too early just ends up with you re-injuring yourself.

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Take it slow, Take it slow, Take it slow, Take it slow, Take it slow, Take it slow, Take it slow, Take it slow, Take it slow, Take it slow.

Sorry to push it, but that is the best advice I can give and I know it is hard to follow. You do that and you will stay injury free. As for how long you should stick with the newbie routine it is hard to say becouse everybody reacts diferent to the exercises. Just stick with it until you feel your penis is stronger, maybe fuller or more veiny. You will know when your dick needs more intensity, but it will take at least a few weeks.

Dont even think about the advanced moves, jelqing and manual stretching are fine if you are starting, but even with those you must be careful. Trust me dude injuries are hell. You will get better gains if you play it smart and easy at first. Take care.


I never been injured and I’m glad for that. Taking it easy in the beginning is the most important thing, working out for about 3 months with just stretches and jelq’s is a requirement I feel, in order to pass on to the bigger, harder, and more intense exercises. Oh, and always warming up and down before and after each session for adequate amounts of time. Thats about it…

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