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How to respond if someone ask my penis size?

I think you’re looking into this WAY too much. I don’t think she cares exactly how big you are and was just getting dirty on the phone. I think you may actually ruin her little phone game if you get too literal. And who the hell cares if you never met her yet. Plan on meeting her and ask her how much of your dick you can fit in her mouth. Have fun with the phone sex and don’t take everything so literal. How would the convo go if she didn’t say big and hard? Theres not too many other adjectives when you’re trying to get off with words. She’s not going to say, do you have a penis? Do you touch it? Are you erect? Get where I’m going, just have fun.

If you ask her are you wet? Are you soaking your panties? Do you think she’s thinking on the other end “uh oh I hope he’s not truly asking how much I lubricate because he really hates dry pussies and I hope I get wet enough for him” It’s all talk man.

Well said Hung.

If a girl asked me that question I would tell her there is only one way to find out.

On the phone I would say she could only begin to imagine, now.

Began December 2009 at 5 7/8" length and 5" girth.

As of December 5th 2012 7 3/8" BPEL and 6 1/8" base girth.

Going for the magic 8"x6"

Originally Posted by RoosterCockburn
She sounds a bit obsessed with size, but you have nothing to worry about, I wonder what her reaction would be if you just said you were average.

ROOSTER, why would any guy even say he’s average (even if he is), that’s such a turn off and sounds lame. So when she’s saying to me “oh babyy your biggg and hard now”. What you want me to say “nooo baby, don’t say I’m big and hard, say I am sooo average and hard now baby” LOL

HUNG21 is right. When talking dirty, you have to use words like BIG and HARD, it turns you on, it sexy. Saying you are small and hard, or you are average and hard, is not really gona work is it. I’m not looking too much into this. I’m just getting prepared what to say if she ever asks my size. It’s always good to be prepared instead of messing it up.

JELQVADER, you’re right, I want to leave it as a surprise, and it’s true we all like to anticipate. Also, I just don’t want to disappoint her or put her off by giving out a size, or even being compared to pornstars or braggers. Pornstars are rare and braggers are liers. If she doesn’t know my size, she has nothing to compare it to. Suppose I say I’m 7”, maybe she wanted 11”. Suppose I say I’m 9”, maybe that’s too big for her. If I don’t say a size, she has nothing to think about. All she has to know is I have a penis and it’s a big one.

You see if she asks me my size, and if I don’t give her a number, or make any excuse, she may assume that I don’t have a big one. Because a guy that has a big one is usually eager to let everyone how big it is. Am I right or wrong? But so are the braggers, they are always eager to tell everyone their size. If you act like you have 8 inches, she will believe you have 8 inches, even when she sees it. If you make excuses to tell the size, she may have doubts that I may be small, and when she sees it, she may think in her mind “yeah I knew it he’s not that big”. For example, if you act like a rich man, people will assume you’re rich. If you act like you’re big, people will assume you’re big. BUT not always. Sometimes you maybe telling the truth, but people assume you’re only bragging, and assume you’re small.

Anyone reading this post, let me know your opinion. When a woman asks you your size, how would you respond? If you had woman ask you your size, what answer did you give and what response you got before and after sex? It would help if you mention the sizes. Cheers

If you think that if you tell her a certain size and she thinks its small or “only” average, do you think she will care that much? If yes why would you want to be with someone that cares that much about penis size? I wouldn’t even if I was huge, her shallowness would grate on me, but she may not be like this but you seem so afraid that she will think your not big.

What is your actual size in length and girth?

Rooster, every guy lies about their size, go and check out the chatrooms, social network and dating sites. Every guy is afraid to admit he is 4,5,6,7 inches when he is chatting up a girl. On chat sites, no guy ever says he is less than 8 inches. My girl is a virgin and misinformation is dangerous. If every guy is saying to her that he is atleast 8 inches, so why should I put myself down in her eyes right?

It would help if you said your actual size, because it’s no good saying your 9” if your 6.5”.

It’s somewhere around 7. It’s still growing not measured for a while.

If a womon flat out asks for your size, then that is a little odd - even online. What would be the point in just asking for a number?? She would just come across like a slut (nothing against a good slut though :) ).

If you really think she wants to know, just show her an image. It would be interesting to know her size guess.. and she would know that you are not lying. Again telling a womon a number does nothing. And, it is just… not cool.

Start: 28/04/12 EL: 6.0 (NPB) EG: 5.7/16ths (Midshaft). Next measuring: 28/07/12

Goal/Be Really Pleased With: EL: 7.8. EG: 7.0.

Picture Progress

Tell her if she doesn’t think it’s big enough you can stick it in her ass—if she still doesn’t think it’s big enough you need to a find a more wholesome girl, my friend.

I just tell tell them let me see your forearm , its thicker then your forearm.

Current 8 bpel /7.25 nbp 6.25 eg .

Goal , I be happy with 8 NBP so I can relocate her kidney.

Hahahaha if she has been brained washed, Then don’t worry. Your not understanding if she see your 6.5 inches, and you tell her its 10 inches, she will believe it. Man girls sucks in measurement. If your penis hit her cervix, Then even if you have + 10 inches, it will be useless. There is a limit for the vagina, its not an open space, where you go from down, and come out from her mouth :D 7-8 are normal? Then tell her I’m 7-8 inches. One slut I was out with, she wanted to measure my penis, when she measure it, she came out with 9 inches. I was very happy you know 2 inches + is a good job from her. Man trust me girls sucks in measurement. And never trust a woman who ask or care about your penis size.

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Goal : All the way --- And no this is not my photo :D

You have to love a girl who doesn’t know how to use a tape measure!

Began December 2009 at 5 7/8" length and 5" girth.

As of December 5th 2012 7 3/8" BPEL and 6 1/8" base girth.

Going for the magic 8"x6"

What I’ve said in the past is “Smaller than some, bigger than most….” Tends to get their curiosity factor up.


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