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How to respond if someone ask my penis size?

Yes you are wrong :) . simply don’t tell her the measure,tell her that you haven’t measured it but it’s big

Se state cominciando il PE non cercate routine avanzate o fantasiose, rischiate solo di farvi male o di non guadagnare.

Usate la Newbie routine :) .

ok let me share the one I come up with, let me know what you guys think.

woman: how big are you?
man: well, it depends on the woman really. The hotter she is the bigger it gets!

haha, and if she persists on knowing the measurement, then I’ll say “Okay, it’s up to 9 inches”

That way, she can never say to me that I’m not 9 inches, otherwise she would be insulting herself indirectly (means that she is not hot enough lol). If she does, all I have to say is, I told you it depends on how hot the woman is!

If asked I always insist that mine is tiny.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Where are female members when we need them?

I always answer that I never measured since when I was a kid, by the way. You can tell either you are in the average or you are bigger than average. Or do what most of people who brags about their size (pornstar included) do: divide by 3 and multiply for 4. So if you are 6” tell you are 8” and so on. I know, it’s lying, but try asking her how much she weighs and you’ll be pair.

Big enough to scare a horse.

Thats a classic patchukwurah!

When you become a little bit obsessed with PE and your dick it can cause person to over think any statement that relates to dick size. I think we are so into being honest here we forget what is is to make up Cr@p about the size of our manhood.

The odds are 10:1 that she does not care to know how long your penis is in inches. When women describe a cock they use words like: small, big, huge, long, thick, thin, the size of my forearm, the size of my finger, etc. Usually they wont say a cock was x inches.

I would bet that she is not going to ask you directly how long your penis is. If she does, tell her: “I can show you better than I can tell you”, and then send her a photo. Problem solved. She will see the photo and think your dick is big!

She said “ohhhh you’re so bigggg now, how big is it baby, come on tell me tell me”. I think she was expecting me to tell in inches because most guys on chat brag about their penis sizes without even being asked, ie; 8-11 inches. Maybe she was just curious. Maybe big penises turns her on. When I started fonesex with her, I didn’t tell her I got a big penis. She just started with “baby, you’re penis is sooooo big and really hard now”. So she just assumes my penis is big when I didn’t even tell her it’s big. Maybe she assumes all the guys are around 8-11 inches. Anyway, seems like she likes big penises, but how big is big to her I don’t know that.

Marina, where did you get that formula from, divide by 3, times by 4. Can you really get away with a 6 inches being 8 inches, or 7 inches being 9 inches? That’s 2 inches difference. Did it work for you or someone else?

It works for pornstars since even members here seems to believe the brag and works in the swingers community where 9ers are most common (just in words) than 6ers where I haven’t seen one from real :) .

Tell her it’s 11 inches. :)

Big enough to choke you with.

Start (aug '09) 6x5

Current [(AUG'10) 7 x 5.25] [(OCT'10) 7.25 x 5.3] [(OCT'12) 7.5 x 5.5]

Death is real, it comes without warning and it cannot be escaped, therefore, Penis Enlargement

If a girl asked me how big my dick is, I would tell her that it’s a bit bigger than my 2 hands.. If she insists on getting a bit more precise, then I would tell her that I can grab it with both hands, and have the glans out. I’m exactly 6.5” NPB (16,5CM) Then you can show her (if you are in front of her) how you grab a rule with both hands (one above the other) and add a few more CM (or in inches) to complete your size. So she can see how a 6-7” dick really looks like.

I’ve never had a girl ask me, but whenever the conversation of penis size comes up with my buds, I always say 4 inches, I need a XXS condom, blah blah blah. It’s more amusing to say stuff like that for me lol.

Bpel: 7.25

Meg: 5.00

You know she craves a big dick. You have not met her yet. Why reveal how big it is?? I don’t think she would want to know ‘exactly’ how big it is; that would ruin the supprise if she is planning to meet your meat. We all like to anticipate, and fortunatly for you, as you say, you have a big one. Big to most women is like around 8x6. Bigger than that is getting huge - and I believe most women do not crave this size!

Do not ever say how big it is - even if you think she wants to know. But do not describe like “yeah it’s big babbyy, and still pumped from the jelqing. It is like a long veiny mushroom with red spots. Don’t worry babyy it is safe to eat”. Hangs up. Hahaha.

Start: 28/04/12 EL: 6.0 (NPB) EG: 5.7/16ths (Midshaft). Next measuring: 28/07/12

Goal/Be Really Pleased With: EL: 7.8. EG: 7.0.

Picture Progress

She sounds a bit obsessed with size, but you have nothing to worry about, I wonder what her reaction would be if you just said you were average.


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