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How to remain flaccid during stretching

How to remain flaccid during stretching

I’m very new to this forum and have been experimenting for a couple weeks getting into a routine that works for me. Every time I attempt to stretch I slowly get an erection. The stretch is ruined and then I have to wait for my penis to go flaccid again. My solution to the problem was to stretch while watching TV. The TV distracted my mind from the task at hand (pun intended) and I was able to remain flaccid for the entire session. However, I can only do this Monday-Thursday due to my roommate’s schedule. I do my girth exercises in the shower, 3 on/1 off. I would like to do my stretching in a more frequent manner than 4 on/3 off. I’m wondering if anyone here has a similar issue and what techniques you have developed to help stay flaccid? All input is appreciated. Thank you.

A problem I wish I had. I have to summon the gods to get just a semi to jelq.

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Maybe you could try reading in the bathroom while you stretch? Or watching something (non-porn) on your phone?

I’ve encountered the same problem in the past. One good stretch I use to counter act the erection is the fowfer. Basically, the fowfer is tucking your penis underneath your ass and slowly sitting down. It gives a good stretch at the upper part of the base and will restrict blood flow so you’ll lose the erection, and at the same time stretches while you would other wise be sitting and waiting for the erection to subside.

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Jelq first to tire your dick out then stretch immediately after. It’s the only thing that works for me. Unless you want to do BTC stretches, I don’t get hard during those.

Think about Rosie O’Donnell naked…

i have gone for the option of jelq first and then use BTC sretch. Throughout the day use frequent but short manual stretches.

Hey snuggs! This is a problem that often arises when one starts PE. Your dick is not used to be exercised, only to be played with. Thus, when you start to touch it, it starts getting hard. After a while this will not be an issue.

But what you can try now is to do a solid kegel session before stretching, so it tires your penis out a bit.

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Thanks a lot everyone.

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