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How to prevent turtling at the gym

How to prevent turtling at the gym

It seems like when I go to the gym that I turtle really bad. When I look in the mirror it looks like my junk is a nipple or something. I’d like to know ways to prevent it and maybe even encourage a bulge. Is there underwear that can help with a bulge or can wrapping help? Would it be uncomfortable working out with the dick wrapped?

Why do you care about your image so much at the gym? That sounds entirely too vain. My suggestion: stop going to the gym if you are only going there to look impressive. Work out at home so you actually get a work out.

On another note. Turtling could be happening because blood flow isn’t going to the penis and is going to your muscles exerting force at the time?

Who cares if I feel that way. It’s how I feel. I don’t care how you feel. It may be vain to you but I’m insecure as fuck at the gym. I’m not talking about a snake down my leg but a normal guy bulge. And stop working out at the gym because I’m asking for ways to look normal at the gym? Do you realize the cost it would take to get the equipment that I need, let alone the space? Maybe if I had the money I would but I’m a struggling student at the moment. You don’t know me or or if I’m vain or the reasons why I want a normal looking bulge at the gym. Comments like that don’t accomplish anything. Just asking for ways to make the package look normal so that’s all I’m looking for in a response. Thanks!

Everyone turtles at the gym. If your in college and worried about females even they know that all guys turtle at the gym.

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Extending and Stretching

Wear a cock ring. Not too tight. Always keeps me plump and hanging.

Just take a shower after you work out.


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