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How to post pic in member forum

How to post pic in member forum

I looked around and couldn’t find anything, what do I need to to do be able to post pics in the members pictures forum.. Or how do I become a member?

New members are limited to starting threads in the Newbie Forum only (you can reply to any thread in any forum though) until they have been a member for 14 days AND have 20 posts.

Start a new thread with your pics in the Newbie Forum and a mod will move it for you.

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So it is OK for me to post a picture here even though I have not been here for 14 days and do not have 20 posts? Just want to make sure I’m clear on this.

OK, I guess I’ll make a new thread.

As a suggestion to you and others, please attach the picture instead of linking to it. One of the nice moderators will make sure that the thread and picture end up in the correct location. It is my understanding that links tend to quit working after a bit, so attaching is a much better option.

When you do attach a picture, please be patient with the nice moderators as we have to approve them before you will see them.

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