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How To Measure.

How To Measure.

I can’t find the thread for this, I know someone wrote up a really good and appropriate guide, anyone have the link?




It doesn’t really matter ‘how’ you measure, just as long as you measure the same way every time to get a consistent record. Bone Pressed Erect Length (BPEL) is considered most accurate: you get a ruler, press it into your ‘fat pad’ until it hits bone, and rest the ruler along your erect shaft for the length record.

Some links for your reading pleasure.

Measuring the whole picture - Volume
Don’t Measure it, Weigh it.

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Fair enough. I just remember reading a thread a long while ago bout all the different techniques. Thanks though.

I tried looking for a definitive How to Measure thread, but I can’t find one anywhere even in the Newbie Threads and Info… Sorry bud. Hopefully one of the mods can help. But BPEL is all you need really, and for Erect Girth (EG) just use a string around the outside of the shaft, and place the string against a ruler for the measurement.

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The main thing is to measure the same way every time, that way you get a consistent measurement and can tell when actual gains have been made.

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