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How to measure

How to measure

What’s the consensus here. I understand the BPEL to measure gains and NBPEL for usable penis. On both accounts should you try your best to measure the extreme, meaning hard bone press max EQ on both measurements? If not measuring max then it could possibly be wildly different each time you measure, correct? Also, would you not measure a curve? If your penis has a curve why wouldn’t you measure that? Is a length of rope measure only from one end to the other? If it’s coiled then.. Then length of your penis doesn’t necessarily mean the distance it reaches from your body does it? Curious to see what others here believe

Here’s a whole thread on the subeject: How to Measure Your Penis

It’s worth remembering that for penis enlargement you aren’t measuring size, you are measuring change in size, so consistency is key and removing as many factors that could alter your measurement next time is the best plan.

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