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How to measure

How to measure

What is the best way to measure, with the tape on top or ruler on the right side, because I keep getting different ways to measure I’m looking for the most accurate

Hard ruler on top, you don’t need anything more accurate than mm my friend :)

15/03/10 - Starting size (6.0" length x 5.0" girth) Progress Report

03/09/15 - Current size (6.5" length x 5.5" girth)

??/??/?? - Goal size (8.0" length x 6.0" girth) Syler wants a bigger dick to hurt you with!

I tried that search thing, too broad even with specifics

Put the ruler on top of your unit. Push the ruler in until you feel it hit your pubic bone. Make sure you take note of the pressure you use and measure it the same way every time. This is will be your BPEL.

Som I’m guessing the ruler is the best thing to use then uh? If so then I’m 7.25 with the ruler

Originally Posted by nine_x_six
Som I’m guessing the ruler is the best thing to use then uh? If so then I’m 7.25 with the ruler

I can’t think of anything better. Nice starting size. Just make sure you push the ruler with the same pressure that you used from here on out. It can be easy to trick yourself in thinking you gained merely because you pushed the ruler in harder.

Before You PE: A Penis Inventory is a very good article which includes this issue in detail.

I’d like to share my own opinion on bone pressed erect length (BPEL):

The idea is to allow yourself little room for cheating when you measure your penis after your enlargement endeavors. You are cheating from the beginning so to say. It will obviously be longer than then length someone else would measure if you were taking part in a penis length survey, but you are concerned with being able to measure progress, not with comparing yourself to the average.

Note: The lower your body fat, the longer your BPEL will measure. That is, BPEL only minimizes error differences from fat pad fluctuations. It doesn’t eliminate them. In an ideal world you would have the same amount of body fat post PE as pre PE.

Make sure you have an absolute 100% rock hard erection. It should be a strait hard ruler with the end starting at zero. Don’t use a ruler with an 1/8 inch before the zero. Angle your penis down at an angle that will maximize the length. You can experiment with different positions. I suggest lying down on the coach while watching porn. Before you press the ruler, you will want to have the one end of it pressing over skin up to an inch away from your actual base at the beginning, depending on how much fat you have (experiment a few times). I think it makes it easier if you shave you pubes about an inch around your base. This way the skin will end up covering the part of your shaft that is below the skin level as you press that end of the ruler in. Just make sure that the whole ruler is actually flush against the shaft. After you feel the ruler digging sharply into your pubic bone, press harder. Remember, don’t leave any room for cheating on your measurements later.

Or look at the bottom of the page - the forum automatically searches for similar threads. Handy way to browse a topic.

Yea I just noticed the bottom page thing but I will try advanced search, thank you guys any way for your post, is bone pressed the most natural way of measuring

Hello mate,

I am also new to thunders but I can share my impressions of attitudes toward measurement for you.

Bone Pressed Measurement is the placement of the ruler on top of the penis and appliance of pressure until the start of the ruler touches the pubic bone. It is done for two reasons:
1. To provide the most accurate measurement of gains by discounting the fat pad which may cause inaccurate readings due to fluctuations in body weight.
2. To be used as a consistent measurement in which individuals can compare themselves to other PEr’s.

As you are in essence pushing against your Pubic Bone, this will provide a large measurement that you probably wouldn’t claim in arenas outside of PE. Therefore some utilise the NBP measurement which places the ruler on top of your penis and rests (without pressure) against you fat pad. However, there is no universal measurement technique and therefore many people will place the ruler on the side when measuring and some will use a flexible tape measure along the top.

(I prefer the latter as it measures my curvature, but that’s just preference.)

As for the most “natural” way of measuring, I don’t think such a thing exists. Until there is some universally adopted method, there isn’t any approach that can claim absolute superiority over another. Just use BP when your on here so you can see where you stand compared to others and measure your progress with the greatest consistency.

I hope this is of some help and apologies for any typos/grammar mistakes

First timer

Hey everybody. First time to the forums & to pe’ing. Well, not completely new. I’ve read about it but this will be my first time actually doing a routine. Glad to have found a place with like minded people. Anywho I also have a question about measuring. I know you all would rather I search & get the answer myself but today I’m feeling a tad lazy so I hope nobody gets pissed. I haven’t measured yet & was wondering since I have a slight curve should I attempt to straighten myself out before measuring or just do it as is? Any help would be greatly appreciated folks.

Welcome Mr. noob!

Compare the amount of effort it takes for someone to answer your question to the amount of effort it takes for you to do a search. You think we’re not lazy? We spend all our time playing with our dicks and have no time for socialising, career advancement or answering already answered question. No time at all!

Fortunately you for you I happen to know the answer to your question and giving you the answer would help me procastinate longer from other, more pressing and overall worrying responsibilities that I owe myself to in the valley of the real, so here goes:

Basically it doesn’t matter one way or another, so long as when you measure in the future you do it the same way. I’m sure some people with curves straighten themselves out and others don’t. Personally I don’t because my curve is quite strong and I actually hope to straighten it out with PE, which will have the effect, without actually empirically, evenly lengthening it, of giving me a bigger measurement. The alternative is you could use a tape measure and simply measure along the entire shaft, personally I find tape measures annoying to use, but you’re call. Just be consistent.

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