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How to measure it properly ?

How to measure it properly ?

Hi guys,

I am in doubt how to measure my penis. Should I make pressure on the rule until it gets firm on my pubic bone or just place the rule from your pubic skin without touching the pubic bone ? Well, in my case there will be almost two inches of difference.

Thanks for any help,


Now: 13,9 cm X 14cm NBP

Target: 15 cm X 14cm NBP


It depends on whether you want to measure BPEL (bone pressed erect length) or NBPEL (non bone pressed ). More guys seem to measure bone pressed, reportedly for accuracy in measuring.

Iwent along with the bone pressed measurements for the accuracy argument. Regardless of which way you measure be sure to place the ruler over the top, center of penis and not to the sides. Always measure the same way for comparison sake.

Also, I found out it’s not a good idea to measure “morning wood” (for me). It varies too much. So I’ll stick to bringing a full erection using porn and my trusty hand. A much more reliable and consistent measurement.

Hope some of this helps out. I’m new at this, too.


Later . . LS

Do both. They are both important. Some who measure only nbp get unecessarily discouraged by “lack of gains” When they actually did get an increase in shaft size but for one reason or another the fat pad is puffier or not resulting in unreliable results as far as following gains are concerned.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Thanks all. I will start my PE program tonight. That Condesed PE guide is quite good. I will post a pic with my actual size and then some months later I will post another with, hopefully, good results!


Now: 13,9 cm X 14cm NBP

Target: 15 cm X 14cm NBP


I am confused about measuring correctly. Nost says to measure on the top of the penis , but I read a maxim article that say you have to measure on the bottom of the penis. So is it on the top or the bottom ? This gives a one inch depredency in size . .



The majority opinion here is to measure directly on top.

The important thing, regardless of where you measure, is that you do it the same every time. This will enable you to track gains more accurately.

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