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How to make homemade unit clamp

How to make homemade unit clamp

Can I make homemade Clamp to increase the base girth of unit? As unit clamps are not available in Pakistan. But Vacuum pumps rings are available with devices. Can Vacuum pump rings can be used as Clamp as base in increase base girth of unit? Please advise?

You don’t exactly need a device that clamps, a leather and Velcro cock ring, a strip of electrical tape, a large piece of surgical tubing, anything that can be tightened without cutting into you will do. Perhaps a vacuum pump ring for cushioning with an elastic band tied around it would suit you.

Shit man don’t risk injury with a home made clamp unless it is quick release type. If you truly cannot find cable clamps in your area someone here may mail you a pair they are cheap as is postage.

So what I do then? Can Vacuum pump rings can be used as Clamp as base in increase base girth of unit? Please advise?

Vacuum pump rings may not restrict enough blood flow for effective clamping. Although, there are tons of homemade and hardware options you could try such as hose clamps with a hex driver or turn key cable clamps, a small strap pipe wrench, there’s dozens of options.

If you have hardware stores over there you could find velcro strap cable ties which would work well with some padding. Bibs uli thing isn’t a bad option if you have the tools to make it. Electrical ground covers have with two wing nuts would act as a clamp although it may be uncomfortable. Be creative and who knows, you may invent the next clamp we all love and use.

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