How to lengthen connective tissue - foam roller massage.

Hello all PE fellows, this is what I’ve found today about lengthening the connective tissues of the body, I think that the same concept can be applied to the penis connective tissues (tunica and ligaments)
The tunica albuginea is the fibrous envelope of the corpora cavernosa penis. It consists of approximately 5% elastin, an extensible tissue that is primarily made up of the amino acids glycine, valine, alanine, and proline. The majority of the remaining tissue is COLLAGEN, which is made up of lysine, proline, glycine, alanine, and other amino acids.
Collagen is the main structural protein of various connective tissues in animals, As the main component of connective tissue, it is the most abundant protein in animal.
Elastin is a protein in connective tissue that is elastic and allows many tissues in the body to resume their shape after stretching or contracting. Elastin helps skin to return to its original position when it is poked or pinched. Elastin is also an important load-bearing tissue in the bodies of vertebrates and used in places where mechanical energy is required to be stored. In humans, elastin is encoded by the ELN gene.
Ligaments are similar to tendons and fasciae as they are all made of connective tissues.

This can be very familiar with alot of PE vets but in my opionion it’s easy to read and understand for every one especially newbies.

The long strands of connective tissue that are entwined throughout the body are susceptible to the various stresses of daily life. Exercising and working out continue to put tremendous stress on these tissues, which if not stretched and lengthened, will shorten and cause many different injuries and physical ailments. Learning to lengthen the connective tissues within the body is as easy as incorporating some type of massage with long and deep stretches, giving the tissue a chance to relax and strengthen itself properly.

Unlike stretching muscle tissue, connective tissue requires long and deep stretches that are held for a MINIMUM of a minute or two. Having the muscle surrounding the connective tissue warmed up is recommended as it makes stretching the connective tissue very relaxed and supple, allowing for the deepest stretch possible. The most concentrated areas of connective tissue are around the joints and ligaments, which give the body the ability to maneuver effectively. With stretching and thereby lengthening these areas of built up stress, the body is given the opportunity to shed excess tension, resulting in a healthier and fitter you. By simply sitting on your heels with your back upright, the connective tissue surrounding the knee joint is given the opportunity to relax and free itself from the wear and tear of daily life. This type of stretching can be done while watching television, studying for a test, or just while having some quite time to relax before going to sleep. There are various poses and stretches that are adapted from a specific type of yoga that aim at the direct lengthening of connective tissue which is very stress free form of exercise, and a great workout for the lungs.

The other very important component to lengthening and relaxing the various connective tissues surrounding the joints and ligaments is to give yourself a home massage with a foam roller. The foam roller is a cylindrical piece of foam that is firm enough to be used to roll tight strands of connective tissue across it in an attempt to massage and relieve the area. Finding tight and painful spots around the thighs and hips, the foam roller is pivoted against the targeted area to dig in and slowly massage and lengthen connective tissue. There are spots like the side of outer thigh that are deeply stressed by the flexion of the knee, to which very steady and slow rolls should be made across the entire span of the leg, starting from the bottom of the hip and ending at the beginning of the knee bone. There are common knots of stressed tissue that cause pain when massaged over, but with very slow and ample movements over these areas, the tension and stress will start to slowly melt away with each consecutive roll.

Deep and lengthening stretches along with foam roller massages create a unity of the two best methods for lengthening connective tissue, and relieving the tension built up from normal wear and tear of daily life as well as strenuous exercise. Combining the two a couple times a week will result in a more relaxed, calmer, and healthier body and mind.

Source: Wikipedia.

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