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How to know if you have ligament damage?


I went to see the doctor today. He thinks I have a hernia and is going to refer me to a urologist to get a second opinion. Since I’m already on the subject does anyone know if I can still workout if I avoid lower body/abs? Mostly just chest/back/biceps/triceps. I was going to ask the doctor but it slipped my mind. I know this isn’t PE related but if anyone can give my advice it would be greatly appreciated. I’m guessing to that I should avoid PE till the situation is fixed.

If it is an abdominal hernia, it could have been the increased intra-abdominal pressure from working out that caused it in the first place. The forcing and breath holding that comes with the last few reps will cause greatly increased intra-abdominal pressure, regardless of what muscle groups you are working.

My advice would be to not do any heavy workouts until you have seen the urologist and asked his opinion.

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