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How to kegel correctly?

How to kegel correctly?

Ive been doing kegels for a couple of months now but i am beginning to wonder if i am doing them right. I feel the kegel more towards the anus rather that near the penis. I herd you need to concentrate more near the penis. Can someone help me out with this?


Have you tried to isolate the BC muscle by holding back when you are taking a piss?

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Done that, it feels similar to the feeling i get wen i do the flex. Maybe i just need more time for it to get more conditioned before i have better control over it.

This can be a hard one, especially if the whole concept of having a PC muscle is new to ya…

I start my flexes back toward the anus, then tense all the way up through the penis. When I can feel the flex in my penis, I try to hold it as long as possible…

Any input from the veterans?

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Can someone explain thoroughly? I’m not sure if I understand this. You’re supposed to hold and release the muscle?

>You’re supposed to hold and release the muscle?
That would be a kegel yes.

soon already posted on locating the BC muscle. Once you locate you can hold and release and gradually build it up.

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