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How To Keep Your Girth After Pumping For 10 - 12 Hours

How To Keep Your Girth After Pumping For 10 - 12 Hours

I tried to ask this question in a few threads, but no one answered me. I guess this maybe a better place to post it. Anyway so here is my question, so after I am done pumping, my dick looks huge. I started pumping before going on dates, and put a cock ring on to sustain the girth. It actually worked really well, I got the WOW look everytime. The problem I’m having is now that sometimes after I pump, my dick will go back to it’s normal girth even with the cock ring on. Also, I’m concerned after reading some posts about BF restriction, and causing a thrombosis in my penis. Any comments on this?

My question though is, is there a way to just keep your girth for like 10 hours or so, after pumping, jelqing, etc. Any ideas or suggestions? Having sex is awesome, when your fuckin a girl and your girth is as big as coke can.

I usually can still see good girth in the morning with a break of about 9 or more hours definitely not as big as when just done with jelqing but still bigger than normal. If I am going to be doing any jelqing or stretching I make sure that I only drink water that day and plenty of it. I see a difference in my hang on days even without stretching when I am drinking water. I usually do my jelqing right before bed and try not to wear anything other than my boxers right after a session. I have noticed that wearing pats afterwords will make my girth go down fast I guess just from the pants being restrictive.

I’d too love to know how to make the pump last as long as possible.

As a side, I’m essentially only fucking my girl with a pumped cock. It fucks with my head in that I feel tiny if we end up having sex and I’m not pumped. But I agree with the poster, pumped my cock is huge and fucking like that is the best!

Thanks for the replies guy, so any ideas on how we can keep our cock pumped? I don’t want to carry my pump everywhere I go. Lol.

Right now, I just pump, and I’ll leave a cockring on for 6 - 8 hours, and this usually does the trick. Obviously the sooner I fuck, the better my dick looks.

I think jelqing just after you use your pump can help to keep your gain… or, if you have time, just before sex… jelq in the bathroom and “tadam!!!” :D kegel, can help too! ;)

Thanks for the replies guy, anyones input on wearing a cock ring right after pumping to keep the gains for a longer period of time - say 12 hours?

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