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How to keep up your erection during jelqing

How to keep up your erection during jelqing

I am a newbie (obviously), and I’ve been doing the newbie routine for the past 2 (I know, lol) days. I seem to have a problem keeping it erect for the whole 10 minutes, I would need to keep porn on and “wake it up” whenever it gets softer, is this normal? A 10 minute jelqing session usually takes about 20 minutes because of this. Also, is it safe to jelq at around 85%, and then continue to jelq once it goes down to 50% or so, or should I get it back up?

Try watching porn the whole time? I can’t keep it erect with just my imagination either.

Anyway, for the erection %, I think you should start off at a lower % (like 50-60) and then once your penis gets used to it (maybe 2 weeks or a month), you can move to a higher %.

Porn doesnt even do it for me anymore.Id have to jerk my unit off a little bit in between to get it hard.

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Wish Me Luck!

I have the same situation as you. First, for length gains, you want to keep your erection level at around 50-70% anyway. I remember when I first starting PEing, I would always try to be more erect than I needed to be all though I actually knew I didn’t need such a high erection level, must be something psychological. With this said, if you continuously monitor your EQ (not too strong of a grip, decreasing volume when your EQ goes down, increasing volume slightly when you have good EQ), your EQ will go up and your jelqing erection will go up as well. You have to have the will power to only slowly increase your routine volume and to take PEing as a marathon, not a race, meaning it will take you longer than usual to get gains.

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