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How to keep from getting hard?

How to keep from getting hard?

Ok, I finally received my power Jelq yesterday and started off on the long road to PE nirvana. Alas, I seem to have hit a speedbump. Whether I was stretching or jelqing, I couldn’t seem to maintain the 30-60% erection level that I believe I am supposed to have. The damn thing just kept getting hard!

Does anyone have any comments, tips, suggestions? I want to get going on a regular routine but I am afraid that I could injure myself doing the jelq routines with a full or near full erection. Also, is it normal for the head to be much more sore than the rest of the penis? Thanks in advance for the help!

Try to think about something “neutral”. Try to read news on the web, watch a film or do something else you like. Do not thing too much about your penis, do not watch any porn. Do not jelq with a hard erection - it is unsafe and inefficacious.

My head is more sore than the rest, so i guess it is normal :) .

I have the exact opposite problem when jelqing. I have to turn on a porn movie to help keep my unit in the target zone. Maybe you could watch something UNstimulating?

Well, maybe I can put on Martha Stewart or something. I’m hoping this is something that will pass with some more experience. I think it’s just the thought of making myself bigger that’s setting me off.

Has anyone ever tried jerking off BEFORE jelqing? I think this might be an effective way to keep myself in the semi-erect state for the exercises.

It depends on how fast your recovery rate is. If you have to wait a while for an erection, then it would interfere, I would think, with your jelqing session. From what I’ve read here, most guys wait until after their jelqing session is over if they need to jerk off.


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