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How to Jelq .hidden Unresolved issues :

How to Jelq .hidden Unresolved issues :

Hi, I’ve been reading about how to jelq effectively but!

What I can’t find out is..

As your grip reaches just under the head of mr P .and you go to start with your second hand from the you ..
1) release the first grip before you make the new grip at the base
2)do you keep the top grip firm and only release when the second hand at the base has a really good tight grip?

If you should do number 2 how do you refresh the blood in mr P? And stop from killing mr P’s cells?

I don’t know about anyone else, but I normally release at the top before starting the next stroke. I still get good expansion. I don’t think the idea is to keep the blood trapped in there but rather to constantly force the blood through the shaft. I think that with each stroke you plump the penis up a bit and some of the blood you forced in remains, and so on with the next stroke, until at the end of the session your penis can hold a lot more blood than at the beginning. Imagine trying to fill a sock with rice, if you fill it with as much as it can hold on the first go, and then sort of jelq it, you end up with a bit more space to fill up with more rice on the next go, and so on. It’s the same with jelqing the penis. My opinion, open for discussion.

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