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How to increase the size of penis from the base to the mid shaft

How to increase the size of penis from the base to the mid shaft

Hi Guys, 1. How does one increases the size of the base till the mid shaft of the penis?, and 2. Does Jelqing helps to increase the base till the mid shaft of the penis?

—-Thanks guys for all the questions which I ask for.

Well first off I think you should do the newbie routine for awhile then tweak your routine to get specific results, I like to clamp with one hand with a full erection at the base and then clamp with the other hand and the middle and squeeze as hard as I can take it forcing that area to expand, if your new your probably not ready for that.

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As with all exercises at the newbie level, any heavy girth routine will cause damage if you aren’t conditioned for it. When your penis finally learns the difference between pe exercise and play time, then try this. Also you need to learn the difference between a normal erection and engorgement. Get about an 80% erection to work with, then clamp it with your hand as with a jelq, this is a dry jelq but with an added part. Move the clamped hand up you shaft like a dry jelq slowly, but squeeze in more blood right behind it to pressurize the base and move your hand slowly to mid shaft, stop and reverse it back to the base, the entire time squeezing (like a kegel) to expand the base area up to the mid part of your shaft. Then repeat. Its hard to do and I only ever got 5 to 10 reps before I lose my “erection”. If I’m not clear enough on the process, just ask.

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