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How to identify an injury

How to identify an injury

So I’ve been reading these forums for quite a bit now, and the more I read, the more I get worried. There is no pain in my penis, but my concern is the veins. How do you identify a thrombose vein? I read that the main vein at the top of your penis shifts to the side towards the head and hardens up.

In my case, I think I developed a veins in the side of my penis that wasn’t visible before. It’s fairly big and sticks out more than the vein on the top of my penis. As it moves towards the head it curves towards the top of my penis and still sticks out a bit as it curves and then disappears. In this area, around the vein curve, I noticed a slight discoloration.. I don’t know if its a bruise or just discoloration which I read is typical. It is not a deep blue like a typical bruise but barely noticeable - a small spot of slightly darker colored skin.

My erections are fine, but I think my sensitivity may have gone down a little. Should I be worried?

With thrombosed veins you can feel the hardness. We are not talk DVT here, the vessels you damage will be near the surface.

When you PE the veins increase in size, this is a normal side effect.

What seems to have happened to you is a little bit of veinous leakage. It will clear itself up without an issue but watch that spot in the future, you may have a weak spot that will repeatedly become injured. It’s always best to do girth work in decent lighting, so you can spot this kind of thing early.

Take 3 days off and start back carefully. The discolouration may take longer than this to fade.

Everything is OK.

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With the right amount of erection I just followed the vein at the top of my penis. As it goes towards the head it begins to curve under the penis near the head. It the begins to stick out more and becomes the vein that is so very noticeable on the side of my penis. This vein stick out maybe 40%. When you say it would feel hard if it were a thrombose vein, what do you mean? Because I could feel it, it sicks out quiet a bit when I have a semi-erection.

Would it feel hard in terms of just the feeling in my penis, or when I touch it with my hand?

I have exactly the same injury that I got from erect jelquing. I’ve been off for over a week now, it seems to be going down final today. At the moment I’m just kegling. Another reason to quit porn.

It would feel gritty or like a hard lump.

When you damage a vein, platelets in the blood attempt to form a clot to prevent further blood loss. You can feel a clot, it’s hard. A thrombosis is where the clot completely or mostly obstructs a vein (or artery but don’t worry about that). What you may have is a small clot at the point in the vein from which blood escaped to form the colouring you’re describing as like a bruise. It’s unlikely but possible that this clot is obstructing the vein too much.

Massage of the area is probably not a bad plan. Taking a few days off is a good plan. Normally in these situations, monitoring the area for repeat injury is a must.

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Thanks, that was informative. I believe my injury also came from jelqing. I’ve been trying to maximize results but I will be taking it easy from now on.

I believe these type of vein injuries come from increasing pressure in the penis from exercises like jelqs, clamping, etc.. What about stretching? What type of injuries could come from stretching too hard? I think ligaments snapping or the like are a given, but what about things like nerve damage? Would gripping the penis wrong or pulling too hard result in nerve damage?

I’m starting to worry that this new vein isn’t going away. It’s been around a week and a half with no PE.

How long is the longest before this leakage goes away before you know it’s permanent. I seem to be able to use the unit, just not sure whats going on..

Come to think of it I think that the head excesses has done this. Should this injury not have gone by now?

From what I’ve read it could take several days to several weeks to several months. 6 months is the max.

Edit: I have a vein bulging a bit on the side of my penis with slight discoloration in one spot along it. I could still get erections just fine and my sensitivity is more or less the same. I believe jelqing too hard caused this injury. What you’re describing, not being able to get an erection, sounds a little like nerve damage.. But I’m no doctor. What exercise do you think caused this problem?

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