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How to heal blood blockage in penis

How to heal blood blockage in penis

I did too much jelqing and masturbating without rest..
Now I have a problem..

In the upperside of the top of my penis there seams to be an blockage in the blood flow.
So it is harder for me to get it up..
And when I ejaculated my penis takes very long to get flaccid again because the blood can’t flow out of my top properly.

I have a minor pain in my penis.

I realy wan’t to know what is wrong with it and how I can cure it.

It is stressing me out.

So please post if you got some usefull info.

Since when? Do you have any abnormality in the shape of your penis?

When I manage to get it fully erect it is fine, a small bend to the sky but I have always have that. But when it’s trying to get hard it lookes like shit. The under part of my cock is hard, and then the upper part isn’t so you get the idea? And when it is deflating it is the same story only now the upper part is hard and the under part isn’t. So there is something seriously prevending my blood from flowing.

>Stop what you are doing
I have stopped pe since I noticed this problem, I haven’t stopped masturbating once a day, but I will and I’m gonna check if it is getting better with resting.

Rest. Use heat once or two daily, as you were doing the warm up for PE (but don’t do it). Relax, I don’t think you have any serious injury. Report back after a week or so. If you are convinced you have an injury, go to see a Doctor.

Masturbating everyday is a bit taxin maybe on you right now. Avoid it. Find another hobby. :D

Haha thanks, hope it will work!

Does pointing the shower on my cock correspond to heating? :)

Yeah I know :”|

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