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How to get the most out of ADS

How to get the most out of ADS

Hey Guys,

I just started PE about two months ago. I just bought a Redi Stretcher type of ADS, It’s a vacuum type ADS. It is very comfortable to use and I can definitely wear it all day without any problems. The longest I have worn it is more than 12 hours. It is very discrete to use and I wear it at work where I have to do a lot of physical activities since I work in a fast food restaurant. I just need some advice from experienced guys who have used ADS. Since it is an ADS, should it be worn All Day? Or should I wear it for only a certain amount of time. I have been using it for a month now and I have seen great improvement in flaccid length although just small improvement with erect length. I also do not have an exact PE routine. I just do jelq when I’m in the shower just before going to work and I only do dry jelqs ( It’s still dry jelq even if I’m wet in the shower because I don’t use lube and I do dry jelq technique). And also, what PE exercises works best with an ADS to provide best results. Thanks in advance.. Recommended routine with ADS will be greatly appreciated.

Sorry, I can’t offer you any advice, but I am curious. What ADS do you have? I have been thinking that I might give one a try down the road in a few months, but I would need something extremely discrete that I could also wear at work. Your answer is greatly appreciated!

I use one a silicon sleeve that rolls like a condom with a cord attached to my legs. It is indeed very discrete. I can walk, jump, climb and wear it at work all day. You can search for a similar device in the forum. It’s called Redi stretcher if I remember it right. There is also a post where there is a tutorial on how to make it yourself.

Thanks man!

Ehmm…are you sure the Redi Stretcher is a vacuum ADS? The last time I’ve heard of this device, it wasn’t vacuum based, nor an ADS.

Oh yeah I’m sorry.. It is not ready stretcher.. It’s just a silicon sleeve. Here’s the link to the silicon sleeve that I use as ADS.. Silicone Sleeves - Make your own.

Ok. An ADS should be worn at least 3 hours daily, up to 12, I think. If you are seeing improvements, than sure you are doing right.

The best routine to work with? The newbie routine, of course. But if you don’t have any little time to do the whole routine, at least do some jelqs - exactly as you are doing. ;)

Report back your gains, and best of luck, of course.

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