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How to get length gains

How to get length gains

Very simple to all you newbies out there, Let me save you the trouble of going through a half year of small or no gains on length. THIS is how you do it. Very simple…….

Step #1. Buy a Static Stretcher

Step #2. Buy a Bib Hanger

Keep Static stretcher on all the time on FEL (Full Erection Length) Except for time during hanging periods. Hang an hour a day and watch the length gains. I didn’t take accurate measurements of how much i gained but my dick is looking way longer. Good luck, Any comments is appreciated. =)

For those people who can’t afford a static stretcher I would suppose fowfers and bed fowfers would be considered a static stretch as well.

Don’t forget to jelk.

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I wouldn’t jump right into either one right off the bat as a newbie. Maybe after a couple months of the newbie routine it’d be alright, but any sooner and they’re going to injure themselves.

Starting: BPEL 6.125 (15.55 cm) / EG 4.75 (12.07 cm) / NBPFL 2.750 (6.99 cm)

Current: BPEL 7.000 (17.8 cm) / EG 4.75 (12.07 cm) / NBPFL 3.750 (9.52 cm) Goal: BPEL 7.0 / EG 5.0

Call me NSG!!! My Equipment: Phalosan, KR Extender

No offense but IMO hanging is very dangerous and the risk outweighs the reward.

Hi guys can you tell me some more info about Static Stretcher or Bib Hanger because I really don’t know shit about it.I finished my newbie routine long ago, my routine was 3months so my dick is trained!Can you tell me where to get it or how to use this items and stuff like that.

Luka, have you been doing other PE since finishing the newbie routine? If you have not you will have lost conditioning and will need to condition again before hanging. Use the search button and there are many threads telling you how to hang and static stretch.

Just type in Static Stretcher on google and that pops up. Other then that jump over to the Hangers forum for the hanger information. And also, These guys are playing it really “Safe”. Maybe to safe. Yes you did your newbie routine so when you start this other stuff just don’t over-do it at first. There are threads on how to start out safely. Its just like body-building. If you try to squat 305 pounds without ever doing it, Of course your going to throw your back out. You build up to it, You have no problems. PE isn’t dangerous if done correctly in my opinion. Except for clamping, Which is very controversial. As far as hanging, I don’t think people have ever gotten hurt that did it safely and not to fast. And static stretcher in my opinion is completely safe.

Here are my two points for gaining length:

Step #1: Buy nothing

Step #2: Do the newbie routine gradually ramping up the pressure as mentioned in the routine, then switch as needed to another manual routine.

There are plenty of people here who’ve bought PE kit and gained nothing.
There are plenty of people who haven’t bought any PE kit and gained substantially. PE is a time/effort thing and though buying kit might seem like a shortcut, life ain’t so simple.

The static stretcher is a relatively new device, so save your money and let other people do the testing.

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Only thing I’ve ever bought is a hose clamp (I already had an infrared lamp, but would have bought one). I’ve always favoured a manual routine.

Caution needed on the IR lamp. IR lamps also generate UV and there’s a time limit for exposure. I’d recommend just using a regular 100 watt bulb with a decent reflector. They throw off a good deal of heat and work pretty well for heat application during a hanging set. And they don’t create skin problems or heighten cancer risk.


Nov 2006 bpel: 7.88 eg: 5.19

Mar 2007 bpel: 8.25 eg 5.38

Shooting for 9 x 6 Ddog.

I can;t find many reviews of the static stretcher,

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