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how to get harder and longer erection?

how to get harder and longer erection?

Hi guys.

I’ve been into PE for 2 months but i quit at June because of many holidays with my GF,and it was impossible to do my routine,so i quit.

however my sexual life is getting better now,i dont think i need a longer dick but I only want one thing:

-have a longer duration when I do sex with my GF.

What sholud I do?


Can someone tell me a “routine” ?

I have only the duration target.

Thank you.

Start= Bpel:7", Meg:4.7", Fl:4".

First Month= Bpel:7.4", Meg:5.1", Fl:4.3"

I think you should talk to her about it. Tell her your goal and ask her to help. If you do the old in/out all the time, lay off a bit and go slower.

When I’m taking my time with my wife, I could go for an hour or more easily, but a lot of that time is spent focusing on her pleasure. I tend to stay deep, reach around and grab her ass, grind away at different speeds and make sure she cums first. These long sessions tend to get at least two orgasms out of her. Sometimes a third if she’s really into it. Then once she’s had enough, I get to pick my position and method of deploying my load. :)

So I don’t think a PE routine will necessarily help, but a change in your sexual routine might. If she’ll help, it will benefit both of you.

My journey .... My pics

Start BPEL 6.50" x MSEG 5.00"

Now BPEL 7.625" x MSEG 5.25"

So edging and kegels can’t help me?

My GF came first for sure(she came in the first 5 minutes)but i want to do sex for a longer period,for a better pleasure for me and her,and for,maybe,made her to came twice or more…

However,i repeat my question,cand edging/kegels help me?

Start= Bpel:7", Meg:4.7", Fl:4".

First Month= Bpel:7.4", Meg:5.1", Fl:4.3"

Those two will help you. Just start low and gradually go higher, such as starting at 20 minutes up to 45 minutes of edging, and 50 reps of 5 second kegels and going up to 100 reps.

20 minutes of edging?? Thats a shitload of time :) does it really help?

Would love to fuck for an hour.

23-10-09 : EL 17,0cm EG 13,5cm

17-12-09 : EL 17,8cm EG 13,5cm

20-10-10 : EL 18,3cm EG 13,5cm

I’ve done edging literally for hours on the weekend. So 20 minutes is completely doable.

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