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How to get a straight penis

How to get a straight penis

Hello fellow PE’ers, currently my penis has an upward bend that I want to get rid of. My question is what are the best methods in a routine to make a perfectly straight dick? (Specifically for upward curves) thanks

Don’t think it works like that. I have a subtle upward bend, as do most other men, and feel it’s good for sex.

In my opinion, curves are good one way or another, as they help to hit the sweet G-spot of the girl with a bit more pressure, as compared to a straight dick. Just need to angle your positioning in bed. And that is always fun. :-)

Definitely getting bigger.

After only 8 months of PE, I have seen my dick go through many small changes based on my routine. At one point, I had a bit of a baseball effect going on (very subtle) and was able to correct that by varying my routine. Now, I have noticed that my upward curve has gotten just a little more pronounced and have started to try and correct that. If my routine has caused it to be more pronounced, I can only think that it can also be coaxed back.

That being said, I would stick to whatever routine is working (recommend newbie routine) but be mindful of the correction in direction. Do your jelqs with a little extra pressure while bending in the direction you want it to go - or in other words - jelq normally but when you get to the curve, bend it in the opposite direction of the curve and increase pressure very slightly. You might also try masturbating with a different grip with an 80% erection to coax the bend out - always bending and stroking out like a jelq.

I think it will take time, but should be possible…

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If you have an upwards curve, you should try to keep it, I’ve heard many times that an upwards curve feels better. I have a slight upwards curve and my old lady really likes it, she says I’m the first she’s had that was curved but likes it more than the others because I can hit her g-spot really easily.

Straight dicks look better but curved dicks work better.

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They are right. All sexually active women say curved penises fit better.

If you want a straight penis you can use an All-Day Stretcher which will also add length and perhaps some girth.


Some have been successful and others have not. Those that reported doing so say the best method is to just do your normal exercises against the curve. I won’t say more because that would just be repeating onene.

The upwards bend is what the girls like dude just be happy. Mine bends down and it makes it look small seeing it from above and I have to get in really strange positions to hit the sweet spot on the ladys.

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