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How to get a curved penis


Originally Posted by Magnolium
Wow, really? I have a downward curve and I thought a couple times that it might be due to the fact that the boxers that I used in highschool had no give and led to painful erections if they got caught in the middle, but then I just dismissed that. I guess I was right. I stopped using them once I was around 18 ( I’m twenty now) because I couldn’t stand how they couldn’t stretch. Why did I use boxers you ask? To sag my pants like a douche.

Anyways, why would you want a curve? I wish I didn’t have mine since it makes it look slightly shorter. Though at 8.25” BPEL, it will never look too short, so I don’t care much.

I wouldn’t mind a downward curve at all. I think that would make the wife like doggie a little more. It is really nice having an upward curve though. I can hit the AFE zone in missionary, and the CDS in prone, and it is pretty effortlessly now. Granted also that my wife has a relatively shorter vag cause I am 7’BP.

Originally Posted by sleepy278
It’s interesting that you should mention that. In my youth, I used to sleep in the “prone” position (on my belly) due to sleep apnea issues. Coupled with night erections, I believe that is how I got my upward curve (dry humping).

For as long as I can remember, this is what I always thought contributed to my upwards curve. Back when I was a teenager and even up to currently on occasion, I slept face down. I remember I used to get tiny skin tears on the underside of my penis from laying on top of my night erections/morning wood.

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