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how to gain girth?


Originally Posted by ThunderSS

Oh fuck, another PE guru. Just what we need.

And one who does not use spell check either.

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Originally Posted by briannickel2002
To gain girth you need to do an exercise called the big squeeze. Using an ok grip as a tourniquet, squeeze the base of your penis while in a semi erect state. With your other hand squeeze your penis for ten seconds. Then rest for ten seconds and repeat for about 5-10 sets.

I like this exercise, it seems like a manual form of clamping. Could be wise to use this as a a build up to clamping. Whenever I do this I always end up with an engorged head afterwards which is always nice to see. Similar to the sad sak exercise.

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So he posts 10 months after the thread, can’t spell and claims he’s been PEing for years.. Hmmmm.

Are manual squeezes considered advanced? After jelqing and stretching, I’ve experimented with a manual squeeze for about a minute; my unit puffed up like nobody’s business, and stayed like that for a while. Only thing is, the glans turned bright pink, not its usual colour, never seen it like that, a bit disquieting.

But my main question is, is a one-minute manual squeeze a big deal, or dangerous?

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