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How to gain an inch

How to gain an inch

Hi I’m new
I’m roughly 7 inch (lil above)
Just wondering since I haven’t done this before would 1 inch be unrealistic?
And if no

Any ideas of how to do it?

It is not unrealistic as long as you are consistent and don’t over-do it. There are many on this forum who have gained more than an inch, including myself.

"You are entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts."

For the average person, it is quite a journey to gain an inch, but it is doable. It depends some on how your ligs hang. You can learn more about that from the threads by the experts. I was a slow gainer because I had low ligs. I did gain an inch in over a year of messing with this stuff. I am still practicing the art. Take it easy and be patient. Your gains will come just as fast and you won’t hurt yourself.

deerhunter: What in your routine would you say contributed the most to your length gains?

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