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How to feel stretch at the base while jelqing

How to feel stretch at the base while jelqing

I have been jelqing at about 60-85 percent for about 30 minutes. My penis is pretty pumped after the workout, however during I do not feel any stretch at the base of my penis ( I have read a lot of posts on this forum and most of the vets say that they do) am i doing something wrong or is there something I can do to feel the tension at the base? I know about stretching already I am just interested on how you do it with jelqing.

Thanks in advance

Try jelqing, pointing the penis to the floor, with an overhand OK.


Thanks for the quick response, I have tried that method but feel that the thumb on top method is best for gaining length (maybe im wrong) and feel that I get a better pull. I have also tried this method pointing to the floor but to no avail.


If you feel a good pull, I’d stick with it. It will be easier to target the ligs by pointing downward like Memento said, which you should feel more in the base. Check your LOT as well to maximize efforts. Good luck.

One foot to go

I definitely find Mem’s way to work. I use an overhand grip and stretch down towards the floor. I can feel the pull at where I assume my ligs must be from diagrams I have seen

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