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How to enlarge a smaller CC

How to enlarge a smaller CC

I know this question has been asked about a billion times but I suppose it’s worth a shot to ask again. I’ve been doing PE for almost 2 years and had a pretty pronounced curve to the right. Through doing erect bends / clamped bends / edging with my right hand against the curve I have just about straightened the curve completely. The thing is that the curve to the right was caused by my right CC being much smaller than my left (as is what causes most curves non peyronies related), and although my penis has straightened my right CC is STILL a lot smaller than my left one.

I’ve done tons of searches on how to enlarged a single CC using all types of keyword variations across multiple PE forums and have yet to find a clear answer. The asymmetry of this issue bothers me severely not only from an aesthetic point of view but it also makes me think twice whenever I do girth work. I feel like my larger CC always gets the better workout and the smaller one will forever get the lesser workout thus staying smaller and with the possibility of the size disparity getting even worse. I can never simply clamp / jelq / pump or do any type of exercise for girth without worry of increasing the size disparity of my CC’s.

I also believe this conundrum has drastically slowed down my growth potential over my PE career due to my apprehension compared to if I had even symmetrical CC’s. A lot of people also say just doing regular PE has evened out asymmetries with their penis overtime however that has not really been the case for me.

Just a thought. I notice when guys talk about dry jelqing routines, they say “20 jelqs right hand, 20 jelqs left hand.” Maybe only use one hand?

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