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How to desensitize your penis

How to desensitize your penis

What techniques would help to make penis less sensitive??


This is a funny question but I guess you could carefully grip the glands and do manual stretches for long periods of time and over a few days or weeks you will start to notice your glans and circ scar be more of a whitish pink color then a more peach pink color when you are completely flaccid. To me this is when I know my blood flow is down from excessive stretching and no jelqing or kegel excersizes to balance and maintain good blood flow. I had to learn this by expierence so if you want your sensitation back then you will need to go back to jelqing and kegeling for a while. Jelqing and girth excersizes seem to increase sensation while just doing stretching excersizes alone and hanging and ADS/ADH promote desensitation. Hope this helps, be very careful man.

Ok the reason I am asking is to find out a safe way to prolong erection, and be able to have sex for a longer period of time

Be careful man about trying to prolong a erection for more then a couple hours, cause people can get Megalophallus which is like a penis injury where the penis gets permentely way bigger but it comes out all disportioned and doesn’t seem to get much length and looks a little ugly. I saw this surgery recently performed on this arab dude who got Megalophallus and it is not a pretty sight, trust me…

As for some help to your question make try slowing and speeding up your trusts or try different love making tricks and techniques, practice, practice. Practice alone masterbating and see how long you can go for, that’s alwasy a pretty good way of getting some practice and training for having longer sex sessions. Use the search feature here at Thunder’s to look for more help on this topic, sorry I couldn’t help much more.

There is this Tibetan monk thing where you take your penis flaccid, but plumped up a bit, loose enough to swing it around, and then, in a pendulum like fashion lightly whack it against your inner thigh.

7 shots of whiskey well make you last all night. Or a six pack of beer.

A couple of good whacks with a meat tenderizer should do the trick.


Observe... learn from other people's mistakes.

Originally Posted by thal

7 shots of whiskey well make you last all night. Or a six pack of beer.



There are a number of products for desensitizing the penis. “Mandelay” is one. Durex makes another, although I don’t remember the name.

Both contain benzocaine, which is very effective at reducing sensation. I use Mandelay under a condom, so it doesn’t leak and affect my wife’s sensations.

The main warning is that these products are provided in lubricant form, so using with a condom adds a significant risk of slippage. I only apply to the glans and frenulum, and keep the rest of my shaft dry, leaving a descent “anchor” to hold the condom in place.

Works like a champ for me.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

Here is what I did to fight my premature ejaculation problem.

At first, I tried using all sort of products, namely a benzocain gel, stud100 (I think that’s the name) which is a spray, and china brush.

The gel and the stud 100 had to be applied 5-10 minutes prior to sexual intercourse, and were supposed to last for around 15 minutes. I never had much success with those. Then came China Brush. You have to apply it at least 30 minutes before having sex, but it lasts much longer. There are different versions of it sold. The most popular is a small box with the face of a chinese man on it. It should last you for awhile, even though the box will seem tiny to you.

Anyway, I recently started applying it every night, even on the days where I don’t see my girlfriend. This caused my penis to be much less sensitive, even on the following morning. My premature ejaculation problem was weird though, sometimes even when numbed by China Brush I’d cum quickly, in like 1 minute when I was on top, other times I wouldn’t use it and I had no problem lasting for awhile. However, my awesome discovery is cock rings. I started using a robber cock ring a few days ago when having sex, and OMG, it’s incredible. At first, I’d apply china brush, and have sex with the GF about 30-45 minutes after that, using a cock ring, and the sex was incredible. I could still feel her, I remained rock hard and I had PERFECT control over my ejaculation. It was better than the few times where I used viagra with a completly numbed penis from a benzocain gel. Not only that, but the cock ring will add maybe .2” EG, which is nice. Anyway, fastforward a few days, I went to see 40 years old virgin with my girlfriend, and for some reason she was REALLY horny, she pulled my cock out in the theater and she was playing with it :D I was kinda nervous, because I had no china brush on me and it had been a few days since I last used it, and I knew she’d jump on me as soon as we’d be home. Long story short, on the days where I’m nervous about premature ejaculation, I usually cum quickly. Needless to say, I was damn surprised when I started fucking her hard, with perfect control. Cock rings never failed me yet, which is a big confidence boost, because I think less and less about premature ejaculation. I think it’s mostly a mental thing, so finally being able to have sex without worrying about it is nice.

All right 3 shots for you light weights. Or maybe just one zima will do the trick. Point I’m making is who the heck wants to desensitize there rocket anyway. When you get old it’s gonna be desensitized anyway.If you bust to early do what I do. Right in the middle of sex if you think your about to be a one pump chump start thinking about sports. Baseball stats are key. Like how many homeruns did Barry Bonds hit the year he broke the record. Or who will be the number one rated passer in the NFL this year. Or who won the first super bowl the packers won, but who did they play? See it worked, no one while reading this was thinking about sex. Some may laugh, but it will work. Cause if you sit there and think about how sweet and warm that funky stuff is your sure to bust.

Sandpaper, really fine sand paper

J/k Maybe you could spank your penis literally that might work, I have tried this before be careful cause you might hurt yourself and it also might not desensitize anything
good luck

o. You could try to sunburn you unit possilby or you could try ICY HOT on the tip of you dick these both are painful well i know from experince about the ICY HOT, OMG what a burn!!!!

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