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How to correctly measure LOT

How to correctly measure LOT


Another noob asking annoying question… Please forgive me for being slow to understand.

This is how I understood how to measure LOT

You pull your pecker away from your body. Straight up is 12 oclock, straight away is about 9 oclock, pointing down is 6 oclock.

Once you pulled your pecker, you perform a kegel. You then determine if the pecker pulls away or is “tugged”

Ok so I started from the bottom, going all the way down.. this represents 6 oclock (hope I got this right)

performed a kegel.. very little tug…

So I went up to about 6.5 - 7 oclock - felt a slight tug

at 7 to 7.5, I got a definate tug..

Question is do I stop here?

I am a noob and I am starting the newbie routine today. Never pumped or hanged weights.

Please advise..

Oh yea.. I’m a pathetic 4.25” BPEL and I am hoping to get to 6” BPEL

please advise

First of all, nobody’s pathetic if he try’s.
Second, I haven’t really got the lot theory I think,
but i decided that the direction my member pointed
when i where rock hard, thats the LOT I have.

I don’t really know if this i true.
And then it is 10,5 - 11 o’clock.

I’ve read everything I could find on LOT as well.

When I hold it at 12 o’clock and kegel I can definitely see a pull back. In fact the head pulls back completely away out of my grip. Don’t know if that is indicative of my grip being too light.

At 9 o’clock its hard to say. Some of it may be that when I “kegel” it generally involves a sort of butt clench as well.That makes it difficult to not have some movement in the body (butt,stomach) as well.

Is that right,or am I doing it wrong. How much movement should I be looking for, and is the movement a pull back of the head from my grip? How hard a grip do you use?

I’m uncircumcised,so I also pull the skin back first. Is that advisable?

You’ll see your dick twitch a bit even below your LOT. Ignore that. Find the point where it no longer actually pulls back. I think it’s easier if you start above your LOT, say 12:00, and work down. This is done completely flaccid, BTW.

Be sure to test LOT well away from any PE because a session can temporarily change it.

>How much movement should I be looking for, and is the movement a pull back of the head from my grip?

You want to find the point where it doesn’t pull your gripping hand toward you at all.

>How hard a grip do you use?

I grip hard enough that my dick won’t pull out of my grasp and pull out with about 3 lbs. of tension (guessing).

Thank you Hobby,

Just did it, and if I did it right, it looks like my lot is high. (10 0’clock to 11 o clock)

My penis hangs straight up when erect, so does that seem consistent?

IIRC, Bib didn’t find much correlation between LOT and erection angle.

Ok Hobby,

I’ll work my routine as if it is a high LOT,which I do feel more comfortable about after your instruction. Thanks again.

I’ll measure the progress and if I get zilch, I’ll change the routine.

Stretch down and/or BTC. Good luck. :)

Thanks Hobby:)


I thank you for the description- now I am completely clear on my LOT. It occurs from about 9 and down. There is a significant pull btw. 12 and 9.

So, it sounds to me like I need to concentrate my efforst in jelquing and stretching in an upward direction.

With my LOT at those angles can someone tell me the best stretches to do? I have heard one person say that V-stretch would help. Would appreciate some guidance.

With a 9:00 LOT you have lig potential. I’d focus on them. Stretch down or BTC. I’m partial to BTC. Here is one version. Or you can prop your foot up on a chair with knee bent 90 degrees (right foot when stretching with right hand) and do a similar stretch but off to the side. I like those too.

Just do whatever you feel is working best as long as it is below your LOT.

9 is not a low lot btw. It sounds like you have things figured out but I will throw in my 2 cents in case others are not getting it as quick. I get a pretty good grip on my weiner and pull out with a goodly amount of force. It is hard to quantify hoe much exactly, but it is not a wimpy gentle type of grip. Above my lot there is a definite pulling back on my grip hand that I can both sense and feel. Below my lot there is a noticeable drop off in the force of the tugback, but my weiner still “moves”. It does a bit of a “bob and weave” type of jiggle when keggeling but nothing like the direct and firm tugback experienced above my lot.

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