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How to correctly measure girth?

How to correctly measure girth?


I wonder how you guys measure girth? It seems like most people measure the widest part of the penis (no matter base, shaft or top), and a few other penis size related sites confirms this as being the correct way of measuring girth. The thing is that I have kind of a cone shaped penis. Right below the head, it’s only 4,5” and at the base it’s 5.8”.

Does that mean that I should use 5.8” as my girth when comparing my size with various charts and averages on the net? I mean, I hardly ever get to use that 5.8 girth anyway since the widest inch of my penis never really gets inside there before the head hits bottom.


I have the same issue.. The head is 4.5, the base is 5.25 and the middle-shaft is ~5. Anyway, I think that it’s fair to consider the widest part of the penis, but neglecting the bottom 1-2 inches. In my case I usually say that I’m 5 inches. But If your say 5.8, it shouldn’t be a lie too:)


Usually, we refer to a midshaft measurement when talking about erect girth - that is: about halfway between your glans and the base of your dick.

Et... la nuit se continue. C\'est vrai. Elle est complètement dechirée - ma tête.

usually the girth have taken in 3 point: little under the glans( not the glans), midshaft and base, and make an average of this 3 point, for example me I have an average girth of 5.5 with the tickest point( midshaft) of 5.7.

now 7(18 cm) BP , 5.9(15 cm) MEG

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