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How to break the ejaculatory habit

How to break the ejaculatory habit

Hi all,

(Sorry my English)

I am struggling recently with a Prem-Ejaculation problem, because my ex-wife had orgasms very easily and fast, and now, my girlfriend takes more time.. But I have the habit of 10 years of being quick (it was OK then)!

How do I train myself to last longer again ?

I am doing Kegels for 4 months now, with amazing results :) and I am working on arousal, I just need to last longer.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated !

Edging (masturbating without ejaculating for extended periods) helps improve stamina.

Edging 101

Alternatively, you could do what I do. I go down on my lady every time and have some fun with my tongue once or four times before any actual penetration occurs. Then, when penetration does occur, it’s all about your needs anyways, so it doesn’t matter how long you actually last anyways. (I had a porn and masturbating problem, so even though I HAD the exact opposite problem that you have, sometimes, I get off sooner that I would like)

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