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How to begin again

How to begin again?

Sixteen days ago I woke up and felt some mild pain in penile area. I ignored it and continued with life(that is went to college), tomorrow the pain was little stronger and I was able to locate the area where it was emerging. Two days later the pain was at its max and was such for 6 days constantly(it was not that severe though, I would sometimes forget about it, but it was definitely bothering me). The pain was in the area where penis connects to the body and the testicle on the right(only on the right). There the pain was constant and boring. There was pain, also, when I touched the tip of my penis(also on the right, but only pain on touch). After that the pain slowly vanished, and I appreciate that it vanished and was quite happy because of that(I was scared a lot beforehand).

I went to urologist right about the time when the pain was at its max, and he had found nothing wrong with my right testicle on ultrasound. I wanted to check if the testicles were somehow twisted or if it was epididymis injury.
I couldn’t then tell if the pain was in the testicle or not. Now, I suspect I had hurt my right ligament. I can not though see how ligament injury connects to the pain on the tip of my penis. Luckily the pain both on the tip and above the right testicle is gone completely after two weeks.

A day before I felt that mild pain I did some serious stretching(at least stronger then I did it before). I am now quite sure that has caused ligament injury(if it was ligament). The only exercises I usually do are stretching and tower lifting a little(I don’t have the lube to jelq). Now when I have read a little more on PE, I suppose I did stretching wrong because whenever I stretched I did hold my penis directly at the glans, not under it on the foreskin. That, I suspect has caused that pain on tip(pain only on touch). It was strange that the pain was only on the right.

Now when my penis has recovered(I suppose), how do you recommend to continue, if I should continue, and please tell me to the best of your knowledge what could have caused the pain, and if it is safe to continue.

P.S, I noticed some gain on girth after all of that boring pain. My OK grip can’t go around the penis totally as it could before. (I have small fingers). How could the stretching cause girth gain, if the stretching caused it :o ?

P.S.2 at some point , it felt like the penis was crying. :O

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I would say to take it slow and easy and don’t try to pull your dick off.

As for lube, many things could work. Thick lotion, baby oil, olive oil, etc.

Last, what is your girth? Not to get your fingers around it already is impressive.

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Was I doing the stretch wrong when gripping my penis at the middle of the glans? Did I need to grip it under the glans over the foreskin? I didn’t grip it over the foreskin because I felt I would extend the foreskin.
You didn’t mention anything about the pain causes.

Because I live with my aunt and grandmother, I find it hard to have any kind of oil or lotion and not to expect a question : “What do you use it for” from them. How could I get around that question? Also, I think some lube could nourish the skin of my penis, so whether jelq or not I would like to try oiling it a bit.

My hands are womenish, although my arms are quite big. I said I have small fingers. I look funny x). I wouldn’t say my girth is that impressive for this site, but I have definitely been told that it is impressive.
I haven’t measured it because I happen to have no tape in the house, and I am to lazy to buy one. I might do so soon.

My length is however 6.7” and curved , and I think I gained 0.2” from PE. My curvature was high-up to the belly, and is now little lower( what I actually wanted ). I also noticed greater erections due to the Kegel’s exercises. They were mad, but when I stop Kegeling they return to normal. My veins look quite better too. Those 2 dorsal veins can be seen now, and they coudln’t before because of the curvature.

I think I am able to get 8” without further injuries so please tell me how I injured myself.

I suspect these gains are from PE, but also from non-masturbating. Earlier I masturbated daily, and now once in 4 days. Life gets better too. So better to PE my penis and tire it up a little bit, then to pleasure myself and get no gains, and lower IQ.


Please, any comments on the pain? I don’t want to repeat the same mistake again.

BPEL 6.7'', EG 5.8''

Forget about stretching for a while, that’s all I can say.
It’s not because the pain subsided you’re completely healed.
When did the pain disappear?

Don’t need to rip your dick off when you stretch, actually if you ease into it you’re more likely to dodge the natural counter action of the body.
Don’t the glans either, but you know that now.

It dissapeared 2 weeks after it started as I said. I tryed PEing again, and I may get slight pain after the day I do the routine. After that it dissapears. Actually the pain was provoked by BTC streching while semi- erect. What about jelqing?

BPEL 6.7'', EG 5.8''

And I also can’t tell whether my penis feels normal because somewhere before I got injured I reduced masturbating like totally. Maybe once in a 2 weeks I do it now. I hope the injury is/will be gone.

BPEL 6.7'', EG 5.8''

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