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How to avoid this during stretching

How to avoid this during stretching

Hey guys! Just starting out and iv been doing stretching/jelqing for about 2 weeks now and I’m finding it difficult to do proper stretching because I keep getting semi erections because of the blood flowing into my cock. Any suggestions on how to stop this or is it simply a case of stopping and letting myself cool down whenever it happens?

Cheers lads!

As long as you can keep below 30% your fine.

Unwanted erections have been a big problem during most of my PE career. No way to fix it, all you can do is wait. Took me nearly a year to be able to stretch 100% flaccid and even now I sometimes get engorged while stretching.

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I strech for around 12-14 minutes from 30-60 sec and it takes a lot of time!!

I am afraid there is no cure for this

I had this problem for months and it just went away a little while ago. first i started stretching right when i got back from the gym because my blood would be in other places in my body and my cock wouldn’t get hard. That stopped working and now i just do 50 quick kegals between each stretch and by the time I am done the 50th one my cock is completely flaccid. Also if you stretch by grabbing your unit from behind your legs and stretch down blood does not get into it. this kegaling method has been working well.

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This affects a lot of people at first. Just keep taking breaks when it happens. Sooner or later, your body should realize it is not ‘play time’ and react properly.

Try counting in threes or some other method to keep track of time or repetitions that forces you to do math.

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