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How to avoid erections for Stretching

How to avoid erections for Stretching

Hi! I have never posted before, but I PEed for one week about four weeks ago, but gave up on it.

The reason I dropped it was because I couldn’t avoid getting an erection whenever I tried to Stretch, and therefore, I’d just Jelq for the entire session, which eventually caused me some soreness. I’m ready to try it again, but before I do, I want to know if there is a way I can get rid of an erection (or not have it at all) so I can Stretch. I would ask if there is a way I can stretch when erect, but I’ve read that can only end in tears.

I know erections are a good thing, but they get in the way.

Tons of people have posted with this problem. The most common advice that I’ve seen is to masturbate beforehand. I had this problem when I first started but after a few weeks the excitement of stretching goes away and the erections stop happening. Just stick with it and never attempt to stretch with an erection.

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I’ve tried masturbating, but I still get a 40-60% erection.

And if you got erections when you first started, when did you begin stretching? And what exercises did you start with?

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Originally Posted by fant0521

And if you got erections when you first started, when did you begin stretching?

Not sure what you mean by this. When I started I just did the newbie routine stretches but quickly added in my favorite stretch. I sit on the edge of a chair and pull straight down. I found that worked the ligs best for me. Another thing you could try to avoid erections is to stretch while watching tv or anything else to keep you from thinking about it.

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I get this issue as well. :P At least last time I gave PE a try. I’ll need to see if it persists when I have some free time again.

If you start to get or have gotten a bone. Simple.

Use your thumb and first finger and pinch the head of your unit. Just hold it like that until you erection subsides.

Dont pinch it hard. just let it know you got a hold of it.

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