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how tight is safe?

how tight is safe?

Hi i just got my cockring for when i am not doing my PE, but i have a question, i plan on wearing this whenever i am not PE’ing until i get my static stretcher, or when i take a break from that. So how tight can i wear the cock ring and it won’t be bad for me? i mean right now i got it pretty snug. My flacid length is pretty much at maximum all the time, is that to much? Thank you for your time readin this and answering. =)

Forgot to say that my cockring is to big just to do on the shaft, So i have to do it behind the balls. It has 3 notches and i am on the 2nd. Very snug, How tight is safe for wearing all the time? Thanks for replys. )

Bro just make sure it isn’t tight enough to turn your cock cold you may want to take it off now and than to get the blood flowing. A dead cock isn’t much fun also could you please not do the i for I thing thanks:) .

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Just experiment and go with the feeling. If it’s too tight, it will be pretty obvious. I have a 1.25” cockring and when I wear it for more than 20-25min, it just starts to hurt my dick like hell. Then again this is a cockring I wear around my dick only but I guess that if it’s around your cock and balls and it’s too tight, it will hurt just as much. The Golden Rule: don’t wear it while you sleep.

why should you not wear it while you sleep? i don’t understand that part

Don’t wear it while you sleep, because if it is too tight, you wouldn’t be able to remove it. So you may be woken-up by your blue dick hurting like hell. And it might be too late to save it. It is a major risk to sleep with something restricting blood in your dick.

You only have one ( I think ). Basically cock rings are designed to be used while you have sex. So keeping them on all day long requires some attention. You don’t want your dick to fall dead on the floor…

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Really satisfied with my gains, but a little more flaccid would be nice. Would like to be a shower ;)

And most important : Girlfriend satisfied for about 3 years :)

Yah I don’t think doing anything to your dick overnight is healthy.

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