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How thick is too thick

How thick is too thick

Currently I am 5.8 eg, shooting for 6 +, is this going overboard? 5.8 doesn’t seem that big to me, but that’s because it is what I have. From what you guys say, anything more might not be all that great. I’d be really interested to hear what you have to say. Furthermore, does increasing girth have a detrimental effect on erect angle? I would really love to make mine go from a9 o’clockish one to a 10 10:30.

I don’t think girth-work has any correlation with erection angle.

I’m not sure also that you can have a guess here about how much girth is too much. I think you could focus on gaining lengths, if this is what are you asking :) .. Anyway, even doing only stretches, it could happens that you gain girth (and maybe only in girth - so goes PE!).

Good luck!

No, it will not effect angle. I think when you get over 6.5”, you are really pushing the limits between pleasure and pain for most girls.

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I think you’ll be just fine.

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I agree that there will be no change in erection angle. I’ve been as thick as 6 3/8” mid-shaft and 7” at the base. I’m still right 6,25” with a really good boner. I stopped because my wife is very small. In fact, her gynecologist always comments on how small she is down there. She loves sex, but we can rarely fuck more than once a day or more than three days in a row without her feeling worn out and sore. She also tends to get too sore if I fuck her more than 40-45 minutes, even with copious lube to go with her natural juices. Still, I wouldn’t trade my girth for more sex. I really want to get back to training, but I’m afraid I’d get no pussy! Also, I love hearing her tell her friends about how big her man’s unit is (even though I don’t think it’s all that).

Originally Posted by Titleist
I think you’ll be just fine.

Of course you would say so. Lol

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