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How should I stretch

How should I stretch

I have a lot of about 7:30 or 8, and it seems to be about borderline on whether I should stretch straight up and straight down, or just straight down. How should I do my manual stretches?

Try hitting all the angles, John_29

During a 20-minute period you should be able to hit all types of angles. Try to hold a stretch that long. If it’s too uncomfortable, just shorten that period but make it atleast a minute each stretch.

Since I read a theory on stretching at different angles, I’ve been doing it this way. Although, another theory is to divide and conquer in one position at a time also.

My personal theory? Try straight down at first, you could get a good grip while simultaneously pushing down with you palm for a one-handed stretch or you could play with the V and A-stretches. Later, throw in the straight out pull. Good luck with that.

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OK I’ll try stretching at more angles and for longer times. I started about two weeks, ago so so far I’ve only been doing 30 sec stretches for 5 minutes. I guess there will be no problem with increasing it to 10 or 15 mins of 1 minute stretches. I think I’ll wait until I’m more experienced for doing 20 minutes of stretching. Thanks for replying.

Hey John_29, Welcome to Thunder’s. Glad to have you here.

Try about 10 minutes of 30 sec stretches. After the 30 sec stretch, swing it around and massage it for about 5 seconds to get some blood flowing again then do the next 30 sec stretch. I think this may give you the best results and condition you properly. With a LOT of 8 you should stretch at all angles really.

Are you jelqing at all or only stretching? Are you following the newbie routine?


You should stretch at 11:00-12:00. After awhile, your LOT will be higher, than you can stretch down for more gains. I had 7:30 LOT, and I did a week of intense upward stretching resulting in a 10:30-11:00 LOT, and about an 1/8” extra length. Try it my way, and if nothing works, try what these guys tell you. The reason I say this is because I was in the position you are now, so we can relate.

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