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How should I start out

How should I start out

I’ve tried to PE once before, but I never truly did anything with it. Now, I feel like I could really dedicate a little bit of time for this. I am currently 7.1x5.4 and I want to get to about 9.5x6 in the next 2-3 years. What should be my routine now and are there any supplements or anything like that, that I should worry about?

Also, I remember when I first tried all this, I ended up sort of hurting a vein in my dick when I tried jelqing (I think that’s what I did). Like it sort of rose up and it didn’t go back to normal until about a month later. Any idea what happened and how to avoid that?


You should do the newbie routine for 3 months, and after that start branching off to other exercises and doing more. The link to the routine is at the top of the newbie forum.

I believe the main purpose of doing the newbie routine is to get your dick conditioned before getting into the crazier stuff like clamping, hanging, etc.

There is no rush either. Also pay attention to your unit and read a lot on here.

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