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How should I intensify my routine?

How should I intensify my routine?

Hey now,

First off I’d like to thank the moderaters and posters on this board, this is my first time posting, but I’ve read posting her for a long time and they’ve really helped me.

Ok, I started PEing about 6 months ago, I just do about 5 minutes of stretching and 30 min jelq about everyday. I know its a pretty light routine but I figure dedication would be more important than intestity now, so i wanted to make sure I did something that I’d have no problem sticking to every day.

I’ve gained about 1.25 in length and a shitload of girth(not sure exactly) so I’m at about 8 1/4 inches now. I’m happy with them, but I feel like if I had a more difficult routine I’d prolly have like 2 inches or more by now. So…

any suggestions?

should I just increase the jelq time? do more stretches? switch to harder exerises? take a break and start again(maybe I’ve platued I’m not too sure)? Any helpful response would be appreciated.

thnk u

Thnk u?????

Please take a few moments and check the guidelines. The entire post was great until that.

Thank you.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

You can cut back on the jelqs and try several 5 min sessions of stretching a day. You might look into bundled stretches or blasters or v stretches or a stretches to challenge your unit with some variety. What is your current stats including bpel and erect girth?

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

”- Save the slang for another forum! Use you instead of “u” and your instead of “ur”. Also “2” does not mean “to” or “too”. Got the idea?? Good !!! “

Ok I got it, it won’t happen again :)

And to address luvdadus My stats now are:

flaccid length = a little over 5.5 inches
bpel = 8.25 inches
erect girth = a tad under 6.5 inches at the thickest

Thanks for the advice. I never though of stretching more than once a day. I figured the ligaments and tendons needed time to heal in order to grow, at least that’s how it is with regular muscles. But’ll I’ll definitely study up on the various stretches, and spice up my routine.

So you started at bpel of 7.0 and now are at 8.25?

I would quit if I had your current stats.
But if you must go on go for length. Do jelqs at 60% or so and decrease the time. Definitely increase your stretching. If stretching doesn’t get the length you desire consider hanging.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

hi there

hi there,

well sorry to interrupt, i have a question for luvdadus, could you explain to me about bundled stretch? and blaster stretch??? i have done some searching but i still don’t really get the idea of doing those stuff.

well you see I’ve done some streaching until now, and the result is i think my cock is pointing down more, and there’s a gap above my cock base, do you think my lig has been stretch out?. should i change my stretching direction to up??(i used to stretch my penis down).

well thats it for now, i really appreciate your answer.

to oddfather, man you are huge:) . oyah, my stat:

flaccid length 2”

hard lengh 5”

may i know your stat luvdadus??. thanks


You’ve been more successful than most with your current routine. Don’t change too much! In other words, don’t mess with success. But, if your gains have plateaued, ignore that. ;)



DLD Blasters…Un-Real Length Gains

Bundle stretches are an advaced move I don’t recommend for newbies.
If you been doing this more than a few weeks let me know.

Current stats:
bpel 7.875
eg 5.5

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

hi there

Hi there guys

well Thunderss what do you mean by using shift keys??? hey i really wanted this cock to be big:) . help me will ya.

to luvdadus thank you very much for the threads i really appreciate it. i’ll read about it. and i’ll let you know when I’ve tried it after a couple of weeks. thanks.


What Thunder meant by shift key, is that we like capital letters to begin our sentences with.


sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

Ok i get it:)

Hi there,

Thanks Sunshinekid, I get it now, I’ll try to be more careful next time. to Thunderss sorry:) .

Can you guys help

Well hello luvdadus,

I’ve read the threads that you asked me to read, and I also have tried to do the A stretch while using the blaster. But since my cock is not long enough its so hard for me to do the A stretch for real. Well this is what i did, i pull my penis and than I use my pointing and middle finger as the fake arm, what do you think???.

I forgot, from whom I read, but i try to do the base squeeze and it worked amazing, i also sometime did the Horse, and after a week and a half doing only stretching and some jelqing with some base and Horse squeeze my cock now felt bigger:) . Do you guys think my routine worked OK??

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