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How safe is PE long term

How safe is PE long term

Hello everyone. I was wondering how safe is exercising the penis, especially over a long period of time (5-10 years)?

Start: 4/20/10. . . . . . . . . . . . . 5/18/10

BPEL 6.375 x 5.25, NBP 5.75. . . . BPEL 6.5 x 5.25, NBP 5.75

Goal: 8 x 6

Just fine. you will actually find that the longer you do it the more conditioned your penis becomes and the harder it is to gain. Ask anyone of the long term veterans, they’ll tell you. Look into decon breaks when you get the chance, that is if your goal-oriented.

Yeah ^ .. If you look around the site you’ll see guys who have been doing this for years and years.. Some even 10 years.. As long as you’re not overdoing it then you should be fine.

Start: 6.4 x 5.1

Current: 6.5 x 5.5

Long Term: 8x6

Check out this thread:

Before You PE: A Penis Inventory

You have to be careful with PE. I lurked here for a year before I decided I could do penis enlargement without hurting myself. I would suggest starting with the light newbie routine if you decide to take the plunge.

NEW newbie + advanced routine

One of the problems I have ran into is discoloration from using the vacuum hanger and pumping. So beware of those two things if you don’t want darker scar like patches.

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Goal by 2012 to be 8.5" EL non bone pressed x 6.5" Girth

Started at 5.5" x 4.0 " Now 6.5" x 5.25" Whats working for you?

I had clampers dick for a while. Now that I haven’t done it in years the two tone line has been gone for a while. I think it’s going to be as safe as you make it.

Started 7.75x5.75

Currently: 9.75bpX6.75eg My Picture Thread

Goal:10.0bpX7.25mseg Building a thicker unit, click by click, pump by pump, jelq by jelq!

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