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How old are you guys



54 but people say I look 45,when I’m 91 will I look 19 ???

>when I’m 91 will I look 19<


Originally Posted by stretchedout
54 but people say I look 45,when I’m 91 will I look 19 ???

Wishful thinking? If the fountain of youth is discovered by then?

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Originally Posted by xlmagnum

Don’t be too hard on him, T…he’s from Indiana. :down: :down: ;)

XLmagnum I am not from Indiana but I do live in this state…:) I am from Texas

Originally Posted by Ramrod

For jelqing: At 18, you should be able to use your imagination and an info-mercial selling exercise equipment.

Funny, and very true. I’m 24. I doubt in my teen years that I would have had the patience or commitment to do PE.

Originally Posted by Oldasdirt

Hey Longman, you got a 30-year headstart on me. Be happy! Work the program, and you’ll have at least another inch a year from now.

Good advice Oldasdirt, I guess I am still young. Its just that I wish I would have had a bigger tool back in my early twenties, I guess. Back when everything was wild and carefree. I am working the program and have gained atleast a half inch since April. Probably more since I haven’t measured since June. Want to be really suprised. Be good.

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I’ll be 19 October 1st. (actually age not being sarcastic)

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26.. This coming January 19, 2013.. =)

52 in human years with a bigger dick than three years ago.


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Going for the magic 8"x6"

22 here

I think Thunder’s is such a great place because of the age range, I enjoy listening to the old vets

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I’m 20. I’ll be 21 in June. Woohoo!

26 and still growing;)

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