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How often should one measure themselves?


How often should one measure themselves?

I ask this because I’m coming up on a month since resuming my PEing. I’d like to make regular measurements to guage me gains over a certain period of time. Any thoughts? Cheers.

Measure a lot in the beginning to learn how to make consistent measurements, but don’t expect gains everytime.

Later on, you probably don’t need to measure more often than once a month. I still like to measure BPFS every week after my rest days, but only occasionally measure BPEL and EG.

I agree with Oden.

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I concur with Para-Goomba’s agreement.

Measure every month at the most. Every 3 months is better.

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More than once a month (after having done what Oden said) can be very discouraging. We all go through spurts of growth, then nothing for awhile - measure, measure, measure - then something new in length or girth.



Once a month after you start from beginning measurements, then in 6 month increments. This will keep you in proper perspective.


Are EL measurements better done with a ruler or a tape measure? For EG the answer is obvious.

I would say ruler because it is easier to control than a tape.

I will do you all one better and say never measure. Instead rely on others POVs to tell whether or not it is doing anything.

Originally Posted by xlmagnum
I will do you all one better and say never measure. Instead rely on others POVs to tell whether or not it is doing anything.

What do you mean?

I measure every day, Really.

Right after I stretch and before I jelq.

If I wait for a month and measure and get no gains, my spirit will die.


I’m just starting my PE career and I measure everyday and log it. I strive to measure 3 times a day, on different times, and calculate the medium value to make the measurements more accurate. I think it’s very important to measure properly since it’s the only real evidence you have of your progress. It’s good for preventing some kind of placebo effect. Sure you can say to yourself, “wow it’s looks slightly bigger now”, but it doesnt mean very much until you’ve measured it and confirmed the gains. It’s also good for spotting out which methods that works better for you. After all it only take a minute or so to measure your dick, it’s simple!

For me, I find it most encouraging to only measure once a month at most because this way you see a more significant change (meaning it’s not just something like a 1/16” variation from your penis being in a certain mood). I also noticed that when I take a BP measurement, it actually reduces my erection strength for a day. I am not sure if it’s actual physical damage or something else though.

Definitely get some good measurements in the beginning. I never really got a good BPEL measurement because I really didn’t know what that was. After that, I wouldn’t measure more than once a month, if that. I wouldn’t recommend measuring everyday. You’re not going to see gains from one day to the next, and you just may end up getting frustrated if one day you’re a bit shorter than the previous day because of other factors — stress, maybe you’re a bit under the weather, etc. It’s like when people go on a diet and jump on the scale everyday and wonder why they’re a few pounds more than they were previously.

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