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How often do you need to shave

How often do you need to shave

Doing jelqs with a few millimeter of hair on the base of the penis really hurts. Seems like I need to shave every 3-4 days to get comfortable jelquing sessions.

Is this something one gets used to (jelq with hair) or do I have to keep shaving every third day during all my PE?

How often do you shave (the lower regions, that is)?

Shaving for me is every other day. Much better if you take the time is to pluck them out, as the regrowth is a soft ended hair rather than a razor cut one which means you can leave it for weeks if you want to. Some day I’ll get around to getting one of the hair inhibitor products and deal with it properly.

I do not shave. I cut my hair at about 1-1.5cm. In the beginning jelqing with “long” hair caused hurt but when I started to cut and use good lubricant it stopped and doesn’t hurt any more.

Plucking is much longer lasting but more annoying to do.

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I don’t shave it clean. I simply buzz the hair with a trimmer every week or so.

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I shave in the shower every time I take a shower (usually daily). Not so much for my comfort or for better PE, but because I have dreams of getting laid daily, and it is not attractive to my lady to get penetrated by a cactus.

I do truly believe that bigger is better!

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