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How Often Do You Measure?

How Often Do You Measure?

I am currently 1 month into the newbie routine. I did not plan on measuring until 3 months since you should stay on the newbie routine for atleast 3 months before trying anything new anyway.

After the newbie routine, how often do people typically measure? I feel like once a month is too often and will not show change well. Maybe every other month would be a better time frame to test changes to your routine.

What do you guys do?

I measure far too often, the longest I’ve gone without is 1 week.

I never quite know how far to push the ruler into my fat pad and my architectural scale (a painful metal triangle sided 12” ruler with several metrics) starts with about 3/8ths extra on the edge :/

The only way I feel I’m measuring consistently is when I’m standing and measuring right at the point where my inner thigh meets my pelvis, about 3 inches horizontal away from the base. From there straight out I’m right at an 1/8th above 9”

I will desperately try to measure only at 3months, because I was doing it often for motivation but the lack of gains has the opposite effect, I hope after 3 months I see SOME improvement or it’ll be a huge let down.

Initially I think it’s very important to measure often. One reason being to learn how to measure in a consistent way and another to get an accurate first measurement.

Later on probably something like once a month is sufficient.

Snce 1996, I have aways measured at the end of each session.

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