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How much tension can you create by manually pulling down

How much tension can you create by manually pulling down

If we compare that to weights? So most people state 10 pounds is about max but the question is with a good grip and with decent strength how much does that translate to in real weight? What is the difference as well between a manual pull compared to a weight hang?

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This question has been asked many many times. I use an inverted knuckle grip, and I can use two hands for pulling. I can easily lift my bodyweight pulling this way, so it is a lot of tension. It is my opinion that you can apply more force, and in a more profitable way, with your hands than with any hanger. (Others will disagree, of course).

A weight will always feel different compared to a manual pull, no matter if the force applied is the same - it is applied in different point, gripping the weight in a different way etc. etc..

Anyway, you shouldn’t apply a lot of force when pulling; it’s not the amount of force who triggers the growth, but the systematic stress for a decent amount of time. 5 lbs is more than enough for a newbie.

Marinera apologies for seeming like a I didnt read the FAQ. Your statement systematic stress over a decent amount of time means you would recommend a All Day Stretch or Night time one over a dedicated hanging plan? Or both?

No PE at night, forget about that. An ADS won’t harm, but I think for the first months it is a good idea to stay just on the newbie routine, if for not other reason because the more things you add to your PE regimen, the harder will be to understand what has worked and what not for you.

Thank you

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